Texas Network for the Study of Public Issues

Regional Students Seminars: the “Texas Network for the Study of Public Issues”

The American Public Philosophy Institute now sponsors a Texas Network for the Study of Public Issues. TNSPI will hold regional student seminars each semester, with the venue rotating among the schools involved.  The participating schools are the University of Dallas, Baylor, Rice, Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M, Texas State University, Texas Tech, the University of Houston, UT-Austin, and others.

TNSPI’s Steering Committee consists of faculty from a number of the universities involved: Christopher Wolfe (UD), Frank Beckwith (Baylor), Matthew Wilson (SMU), Roger Martinez (Texas A&M), Ken Grasso (Texas State University), Steve Balch (Texas Tech), Paul Fortunato (The University of Houston), and Mark Regnerus (UT-Austin).  Its job is to choose topics, speakers, readings, and locations for the semester seminars.

Participating students are chosen by Faculty Coordinators who work at the institutions involved in the TNSPI. The Faculty Coordinators seek to identify intelligent and responsible students with an interest in public affairs and invite them to participate in the seminars.

These once-a-semester events will be held on Saturdays, with students arriving Friday night.  On Saturday, there will be a speaker and a discussion session on selected texts in the morning, and another speaker and discussion following lunch. The seminar will conclude with dinner Saturday night.

Possible topics include Marriage and Family, Sex and Gender, Freedom of Speech Today, Immigration, Religious Liberty, and Truth and Relativism in the Modern University.

There is ordinarily a modest charge to the students for the event (waived in the case of financial exigency), but the American Public Philosophy Institute, with support from some of the other universities involved, provide subsidies for the transportation, overnight accommodation, and food.

For upcoming events, please view our events calendar.